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Baby Bodywork Infant Massage Workshop

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About this event:

Created by Chad McPeters

Longevity Fitness 163 Rutledge Ave, The Penthouse, Charleston SC 29403
Join Valerie DeMasi for this 3-class series on Infant Massage! Sundays 10:30-11:30am.

Infant Massage has numerous therapeutic benefits for babies and children, and for parents and caregivers as well. When babies come into this world, sometimes it’s challenging to learn how to adapt. Babies have a lot going on in their first few years. Eating, digesting, new sensations in and on their bodies, sleep and developmental changes are all brand new. The changes take time to learn and adjust to for everyone. Infant Massage helps calm their nervous system, releases tension from learning new skills, and helps to relieve growing pains. This puts babies (and their parents and caregivers) in a restful and relaxed state.Parenting in these first few years can be very draining. Sleepless nights, illnesses, teething, learning how to self-soothe; the list goes on and on. Finding a way to calm yourself and your baby is crucial at this time when so many changes are happening. Infant Massage helps strengthen the bond with your child through touch and eye contact, helps you learn their cues, and provides that 5 minutes a day to simply BE with your baby. Infant Massage is beneficial for the whole family!

$120 per family, payable to the instructor. Space is limited to 6 families. Sign up now!