Helping Your Baby The Natural Way!

Once you get all the milk and either nursing or eating from a bottle figured out, then solid food is introduced and it starts all over again! Not only does the GI tract have to process this new, thicker substance but certain foods may give baby gas. Again, like teething, you don’t know until it happens. Infant massage helps move things along in the GI tract and also helps in getting the toots out. Which again, makes for a less fussy, less gassy and happier baby.

Colic and Gassy
All people, when they are born, have a sterile gastro-intestinal tract (GI tract). It has to be colonized with colostrum, breast milk, formula, whatever you are using. It takes a newborn’s GI system a little while to get used to processing this new substance, which can sometimes cause gas to form. Along with this, is the addition of learning how to eat. Having something in your mouth, breathing through your nose, while sucking and swallowing is a skill that takes time to master. As they learn this new skill, they will swallow a lot of air, which will then cause more gas to form in their GI tract. So, it’s no wonder newborns are so gassy! The first few weeks of their life is often the worst and gradually gets better as they get older. Gas can also come from certain foods mom is eating, if she is nursing. I feel colic is a catch all term for babies that cry often and for no apparent reason. In my opinion, babies do not cry for no reason, we just can’t figure out what that reason is. Often times, gassy tummies are the culprits. I have found massage on the tummy, consistently over time has been the most effective way to help gas move through the GI tract and out of the body. Which then ultimately makes for a less fussy, less gassy and happier baby.

Some of the hardest experiences I have been through with babies/children is teething. Some babies teeth great, while others do not. Some teeth come in fine, with no pain or fuss while others do not and you don’t know until it happens. For me, baby massage was one more tool in my tool box that I could use when teething crackers, frozen teething rings, children’s Tylenol, teething necklaces and every other teething remedy I could think of didn’t work. The massage was calming and I believe the child enjoyed the one on one time and attention they were getting. There were also times that the child wanted none of it. This is when we would start the process all over again because something would work eventually; I just had to be patient.