Helping Your Baby The Natural Way!

“Valerie is extremely knowledgeable and caring and gives the best deep tissue massage I've ever had! I see her every three to four weeks to keep myself healthy. She has specifically helped me with shoulder issues and lower back and neck tightness. Do yourself a favor and try a massage with Valerie! ”

Carrie S.

Charleston, SC.

“I've been getting deep tissue massage from Valerie for over 2 years and she is consistently excellent at what she does. She helped me tremendously when I was having shoulder issues and she always knows exactly where the good spots are that really need it! I highly recommend Valerie!”

Julie A.

Charleston, SC.

“Valerie is amazing...attentive, caring, and fantastic at what she does! I've been a client/patient of hers for over a year. She does amazing body work and has a calming, healing personality that aides in the relaxation and restoration process. She's not just a star...she's 5 stars! Highly recommended.”

Mea W.

Charleston, SC.

“I've been seeing Valerie for 2 years now, and the change in my body has been dramatic! I have suffered from severe shoulder and neck knots and tightness for years, and Valerie has worked wonders in both treating the areas where I'm feeling the pain, and in finding and treating other areas of tightness that have been contributing to the pain and tightness in my shoulders and neck. I am a pretty active woman who has danced, run, and done yoga for many years, and I used to think that living with pain was just part of my life - but since I have been going to Valerie, my body feels so much better on a day-to-day basis. I highly recommend her!”

Jenn K.

Charleston, SC.

“Valerie is a truly skilled practitioner. While she has a passion for working with babies and new moms, she has a great depth of knowledge and the ability to find and ease issues you didn't even know you had! I've seen her for a combination of stress and athletic related issues, and highly recommend going to see her! I'd trust her with all my personal clientele and family.”

Katrina C.

Charleston, SC.

“I've been seeing Valarie for 12 months now, at the recommendation of my trainer. She is a seasoned professional with a very unique touch, offering therapeutic massage in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you just need to De-stress or require more in-depth work, Valarie has all the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your health goals.
Very highly recommended.”

Elizabeth F.

N. Charleston, SC.

“Valerie's excellence as a massage therapist springs from her mastery of technique, as well as genuine care for her clients. Her studio is impeccably clean, the bed is extremely comfortable and the atmosphere is Zen-like. I've been seeing Valerie for over 3 years now and my weekly massage is the most relaxing experience I have all week! She's great at respecting/responding to my comfort level where my physical limits are. Having been to many massage therapists for chronic hip and back pain, Valerie is easily the best I've ever known!”

Chad M.

Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“The day before my son was born, my water had broken and yet after many hours, contractions had not started.  When a castor oil cocktail did not work, my midwife suggested I try a chiropractic adjustment to get things moving along.  I went to see Dr. Ring, and during my adjustment, I asked if his partner, Valerie DeMasi, a massage therapist was there. She had mentioned her labor inducing massage to me the week before when I went for a therapeutic massage.  It was her day off, but Dr. Ring called her and she volunteered to come to the office just for me!  Valerie was at the office in 15 minutes and she performed a labor inducing massage on me, while at the same time teaching my husband the techniques so he could use them when I went home, if needed.  However, while on her table I began to feel intense but intermittent back pain (I honestly thought it was gas from the castor oil cocktail I drank much earlier that day). It turns out that pain was the first of my contractions!  When I got in the car to head home right after my massage, I began to time the sensations- they were coming at 3-4 minutes apart and lasting a minute each!  Labor had begun.  9 ½ hours later, my firstborn son Jeremiah was here! Valerie went above and beyond to come to the office on her day off and teach my husband the techniques, and it worked so well that labor began on her table!”

Ann-Marie R.

Mt. Pleasant, SC.

"Valerie, I can't thank you enough for teaching me these techniques. We haven't used the Ranitidine or gas drops for her colic in over 3 weeks and she's gaining weight like a camp. I cried today at her peds office when they told me that she's up 2lbs for the month. I honestly couldn't believe it. Some day's I felt like I was becoming so despondent and so focused on how much she was eating and how much she was spitting up because of the colic. And now that she's doing so much better I feel like I can finally enjoy my daughter.

Thank you again for everything!


"My husband and I both love being able to do Infant Massage with our son. He's 7 months old and we've been doing massage with him for several months. He loves the touch and smiles so big when he knows we're about to start. It's part of his bedtime routine with Mommy and Daddy gets to massage earlier in the day. It has been a great way for my husband to bond with his son. His sleep improved almost immediately after we started massage. What a great thing to give your child!


"Massage is going wonderfully!  Matt has been giving Oliver a massage every night before bed and he loves it.  I've been giving our 3 year old daughter, Grace, a massage every night too (face and lower arms per her request) and she loves it too.  So we're using it daily and really enjoying it. Thank you so much!


"Massage is going great! I've been gradually asking and massaging as she's been moving around and while nursing and that's been successful. But I'm most happy about the past two nights when she has let me massage her head to toe as she's standing at the window after her bath. She even lets me do her face. It's awesome! Thank you so much.