Bodywork Inc. Fertility Massage

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Fertility Massage

90 Minutes: $145

We are pleased to offer all first time massage patients a 15% discount from our regular prices.



Fertility Massage is a unique and effective massage protocol, including fertility awareness, cleansing therapies, fertility reflexology and visualizations. Valerie has been certified by The Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage program and is available to offer safe and therapeutic massage to create an optimum environment for conception.

Packages offer a discounted rate for purchasing multiple massages and give the flexibility of using them whenever you would like.  Packages include 5 massages.


The natural way to prepare your body for your baby.

Labor Inducing

The drug-free alternative to chemical induction.


The natural way to help your body and your baby.


Rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body


Release tension and stress with ease