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Massage After a Workout.

A post-exercise Swedish Massage is more than just an indulgence.  Research shows that massage boosts strength recovery by 60%. Massage reduces inflammation in the tissue and increases blood flow to the area, which is what speeds up recovery.  Let your muscles cool down completely for a couple of hours after exercise before having a light massage.  You don’t even need a massage therapist, doing it yourself massage provides the same benefits.  Set aside 10-15 minutes before bed on days when you exercise intensely.  Use long, smooth stokes with firm but gentle pressure, over the muscles worked and use a foam roller or massage balls on hard to reach places.  If you find a knot, move slowly from the outside in, keeping the pressure light, you don’t want to aggrivate an already inflamed area.  For acute soreness, apply a cold compress or ice pack for about 20 minutes to decrease inflammation.