Helping Your Baby The Natural Way!


Wear Your Pajamas to Get a Massage.

After a long day at work, picking up kids, making dinner, bathtime and bedtime routines, walking the dog and whatever else it is your adulting consists of, change out of work clothes, put on your jammies and do some self care with a massage.  Once you get  home, you can take a nice epsom salt…

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Baby Massage Classes in the community in December.

Did you know that babies usually sleep deeper and longer after a massage?  Baby Bodywork is offering a 3 week class series at 2 different locations in Charleston this December. Family First Chiropractic on Daniel Island, 1183 Daniel Island Dr. Charleston, SC. 29492.  Classes begin on Friday December 4th from 1-2 p.m. and we meet…

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Forward Head Posture in Children and Adults

On a recent trip to Pittsburg I couldn’t help but notice how many people were on their phones in the airport. What shocked me the most was how young some of these people were. I noticed an almost 2 year old holding her parent’s phone and watching something. As a massage therapist and infant massage…

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