Helping Your Baby The Natural Way!

Infant Massage creates bonding time with Dads and their babies.

Sometimes new fathers have a limited amount of interaction with their newborn and infant child.  If baby is nursing exclusively they spend the majority of their time with momma.  This can cause first time fathers to feel left out or even as though they have lost their wife/partner to this new little person.  Since they do not spend a lot of time with baby, when baby is in their care and gets fussy, new fathers may have a tougher time calming baby down.

Baby massage is a wonderful tool to help new fathers create the bond and attachment with their infant child.  It gives one on one time with eye contact and helps to learn baby’s cues.  Babies communicate through body language and taking 5 minutes out of a busy day to sit, be and learn your child’s communication is priceless!

This first time father is finding that his son prefers foot massage while being bounced on a ball. Why not?!  Baby massage is adventurous and changes at every stage of your child’s life. Have fun and go with the flow!

Happy Massaging!