Helping Your Baby The Natural Way!

Labor Inducing Massage Success.

“The day before my son was born, my water had broken and yet after many hours, contractions had not started.  When a castor oil cocktail did not work, my midwife suggested I try a chiropractic adjustment to get things moving along.  I went to see Dr. Ring, and during my adjustment, I asked if his partner, Valerie DeMasi, a massage therapist was there. She had mentioned her labor inducing massage to me the week before when I went for a therapeutic massage.  It was her day off, but Dr. Ring called her and she volunteered to come to the office just for me!  Valerie was at the office in 15 minutes and she performed a labor inducing massage on me, while at the same time teaching my husband the techniques so he could use them when I went home, if needed.  However, while on her table I began to feel intense but intermittent back pain (I honestly thought it was gas from the castor oil cocktail I drank much earlier that day). It turns out that pain was the first of my contractions!  When I got in the car to head home right after my massage, I began to time the sensations- they were coming at 3-4 minutes apart and lasting a minute each!  Labor had begun.  9 ½ hours later, my firstborn son Jeremiah was here! Valerie went above and beyond to come to the office on her day off and teach my husband the techniques, and it worked so well that labor began on her table!”

Ann-Marie R.

Mt. Pleasant, SC.