Helping Your Baby The Natural Way!

The Surprising Benefits of Infant Massage

“Being a new parent can be tough with new sleeping arrangements, a demanding feeding schedule, and the constant hustle and bustle that an infant brings to the home.  Yet being a newborn is no walk in the park either.  Your baby has lost his familiar cozy quarters, the food is different and requires effort to obtain, and everything is, well…new.  The result of this new living arrangement can be stress for both babies and parents.  The good news is that infant massage is a great tool for managing this stress.

Research shows the benefits of infant massage, nurturing babies’ psychological, physiological and developmental growth.  Proponents of infant massage claim that it fosters healthy self-esteem and increases bonding between parents and their babies.  You know how much you love your baby, but in all of the frantic newness and exhaustion it sometimes seems that there is little time to slow down and show your baby you love him.  Massage can validate those feeling of love and affection for babies and parents.”

By Lisa Fratt
Sept. 15, 2012